Having trouble resetting my MME password

Resetting password troubles may be a browser setting issue. Follow the steps provided here.

Cloud Admins for MME accounts signed up by creating a medium to strong account password. Additional Users at the same company are typically added to the account by the Cloud Admin (Domain & Users Tab) and use their email password to login to MME. If a Cloud Admin uses an email address to sign up for an MME account, and the email domain has also been added on Domain & Users tab, then the Cloud Admin may also use their email password to login to MME.

The ‘Can’t access your account?’ link on MME login page, is for Cloud Admins only as a means to reset their account password. Email passwords cannot be reset via MME for any user and must be done via the email host policies. If while following steps to reset password, the system seems to continue to request a strong password, it may be necessary to adjust browser settings so cookies are not blocked and javascript is enabled.

In Safari

  • Visit Safari Preferences > Privacy and click Never for block cookies Visit Safari Preferences -> Security -> Enable Javascript

In Chrome

  • Visit Chrome Settings > Show Advanced Settings (link at bottom)> Privacy > Content Settings > uncheck box for blocking cookies

In Explorer

  • Visit Internet Options > Security tab > Trusted sites > Sites > add “https://*.matchmyemail.com” to list > Close
  • Visit Internet Options > Privacy tab > Sites > add “matchmyemail.com” to list > Allow > OK
  • Visit Internet Options > Privacy tab > Advanced > check ‘override cookie handling’ > Select Always > Accept

For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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