Does Match My Email work with Contact Manager edition of Salesforce?


Match My Email will work with the Contact Manager edition of, but only as Standard Match version.

**Please also note that Contact Manager is no longer available from Salesforce.  The following is provided for Users that are grandfathered in with Contact Manager.


This means there is nothing to install into Salesforce and no Salesforce-side customization. One only follows steps to sign up for an MME account, and create settings for Salesforce Integration and IMAP email import. However, in Contact Manager, one must enable ONLY matching to Contacts. To do so:

  • Go to Settings > Salesforce Integration
  • Click User in list
  • Check box for Override Domain Rules
  • For Matching Rules, click + to expand and see options
  • Check ONLY the Match Contacts box, uncheck all others
  • Click Save.

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