Why didn’t my Email message match into Salesforce?


There are several reasons why an email might not match:

  • email message did not get imported into Match My Email (MME) cloud
  • there is no Salesforce record with that email address
  • a typo in the email address from Salesforce record or maybe in email address of Sender/Recipient
  • an Ignore rule preventing that email address to match.

To troubleshoot this question you first need to determine if email message is in the MME cloud. (Messages need to be within the last 45 days to still be in the cloud.)  Login to MME.  Next to the Search box, change the View By field from “All Excluding Ignore” to “All”.  Click Refresh.

A. Can you find the email message in question in the list.  If so, then note the information displayed in the far right column.

  1. If it has an Ignore status, hover over the “Ignore” in right column.  A window will pop-up to show details and will provide the email address for which Ignore happened.  Click Ignores in MME menu and find the email address on either or both of Personal and Domain lists.  If the Ignore Type for that email address is ‘Skip Email Containing Address’, then our system will not only ignore matching for the desired email address but will then ignore any processing for the entire email, thus not matching the email as desired.  In this case you would want to change the Ignore Type to ‘Skip Address’.  If you do not want this address ignored at all, then it was added by mistake. Click Delete for this rule.
  2. If it has a No Match status, confirm that there is a record in Salesforce that matches the email address that should have matched.  Check for typos in the email address in the Salesforce record as well as the address that was entered when the message was sent.
  3. If it has a No Match status, confirm that the email address used is not an alternative address for that Lead or Contact that might differ from the email address in the standard email field.  You can place the Secondary Email Address Related List on the Contact page layout (moving Email to selected fields within properties) to have a place to enter alternative email addresses and get automatic matching from our app.

B. If you cannot find the email message in the MME cloud, then it was not imported.

  1. In what email folder is the email currently found?  If it was moved out of Inbox, perhaps it was received and moved to a subfolder within the 20-minute period between our system’s processing cycles.
  2. If it is in the Inbox, confirm that you have the Inbox selected for Import.  In the MME menu, click Import and click the Name of your import.  In detailed import settings, make sure Import Folders field says “Selected” and Inbox is in Selected folders window.  If you are using the reverse logic and Import Folders field says “All Except Selected”, then you would not want Inbox in the Selected folders window.
  3. If the email in question was one you Sent, confirm the Sent folder name and that it is selected.  In some cases, outgoing email may be stored in different folders called Sent, Sent Mail, Sent Items or Sent Messages, due to use of both an email client and webmail as well as sending email from a computer versus a portable device.  You may need to add correct folder that stores Sent messages to Selected folders window.
  4.  If User has POP3, email client would not outgoing messages to be saved in Sent folder on email server.  For this issue, User should switch to IMAP instead of POP3 and make sure outgoing messages are saved in Sent/Sent Items/Sent Messages folder on IMAP server.

For further troubleshooting assistance, send an email to support@matchmyemail.com.

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