Difficulty Importing from Multiple Google Mail Accounts



Match My Email users can use Google Mail Integration to establish a connection via OAuth between Google apps/gmail accounts and our app.  In doing so, a security token from Google is saved in the Match My Email account and an import does not rely on an email password.  This is required when a Users email account with Google uses 2-step verification or does not allow less secure apps to connect.

Each User or “seat” with Match My Email can setup Google Mail Integration for one account.  Users that want to add a 2nd import that is a 2nd Google mail account would need to turn off 2-step verification for the 2nd email account and also allow less secure apps to connect.

In a few cases, if difficulty continues in setting up an import to the 2nd Google account, please visit https://support.google.com/mail/answer/78754.  As directed, visiting a page that will ‘DisplayUnlockCaptcha’ and then connecting by adding the import should solve the issue.