How do I delete attachments uploaded by MatchMyEmail?


Match My Email provides MultiMatch Users with the ability to control the upload of attachments and inline images within options for Salesforce Integration.  These controls are found in Settings > Salesforce Integration > Upload Rules.  When attachments are uploaded into Salesforce, it is possible to remove them by opening the email message in Salesforce and deleting it the attachment per the following steps.  You will know if an email contained an attachment because there will be a link in the Attachments column on either the Email Messages webtab or when viewing the Email Messages section for a particular record as shown in this image.

Delete attachment -EM object showing attachment to delete

Click the subject to open the message.  In the Notes and Attachments** section near the bottom of the page, you will have options for Edit, View and Del (delete).  Clicking Edit will allow you to see details about the attachment, including how large it is in size.  To delete the attachment, click DEL.

Delete attachment-EM layout DEL in Notes

**If the Notes and Attachments section is not available, you can add it to the page layout for Email Messages with the following steps if you have appropriate privileges.  In Salesforce, click Setup at top and on left sidebar click Create > Objects > and click on Email Message.

Delete attachment- Setup Create Objects EM

Hover over the Page Layouts link at top and in the popup window (or scroll to Page Layouts section) click Edit next to the appropriate page layout for your edition of Salesforce. (GE/PE is for Group/Professional editions , UE/EE is for Unlimited/Enterprise editions)

Delete attachment- EM Page Layout Edit choice

In the top left of viewing pane, click Related Lists.  To the right, click and drag Notes and Attachments down into the section on the page for Related Lists.  Click Save in top left corner and confirm change.

Delete attachment-Edit EM layout add Notes section

Then, follow steps from beginning to click on Email subject to open and click DEL in Notes & Attachments section.


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