Opportunity Matching in Standard


Matching simultaneously to Opportunities is now supported by Standard. New features in the Spring ’14 release make it possible to match to a Contact, Account and Opportunity simultaneously.

The priority order by which Match My Email will make a match is Opportunity, Case, Contact, Lead, and Account. To achieve the result of matching to a Contact, with roll up to Account and sharing to Opportunity, one must confirm an option in Salesforce.com which allows you to relate the same Task to multiple records.

  • Login to Salesforce
  • Go to Setup > Customize > Activities > Activities Settings
  • Check box for Allow Users to Relate Multiple Contacts to Tasks and Events to enable (shown as last option in screenshot below)


With this option checked, Match My Email will be directed to match emails to Contact records, and these emails would then be linked to both Accounts and Opportunities.


For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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