Ignore Rule for Email Domain



It is VERY IMPORTANT to add an ignore rule for an email domain. This is a protective measure against unnecessary or unwanted matching of internal email into Salesforce.com records that might contain employee email addresses.

  • Match My Email Admin User should sign in.  Click the gear icon and then click on Control Panel.

  • From the left, navigate the path Ignores > New
  • For Address to Ignore type your domain which is everything after the @ symbol. For example, for email address jane@acmecompany.com, the email domain is “acmecompany.com”.
  • For Ignore Type  choose ‘skip address’. This is VERY important for this particular rule.
  • For Direction of Address: click the button by ‘any’
  • For User to Apply to: choose All Users.
  • Click Save.


For assistance or questions, please contact support@matchmyemail.com.

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