Ignore Rule for Confidential Email


Of the three types of Ignores one can set at the domain level in Match My Email (MME), the type ‘discard confidential’ allows a Cloud Admin or Domain Admin to exclude email from coming into the MME cloud at all.

The other types of ignore rules – “skip address” & “skip email containing address” – instruct the system on how to ignore matching into Salesforce.  While these rules can result in a status of Ignore and affected email messages are not visible in default cloud view of “All Excluding Ignore”, messages are still in the MME cloud.

When email communication is of a sensitive nature, the ‘discard confidential‘ type offers options for policy-level decisions to keep email completely out of the MME cloud based on an email domain, an email address, or containing a particular phrase.  To create such a rule:


  1. In the blue menu ribbon, click Ignores
  2. Click the Confidential Tags button, then click +New
  3. Fill in fields per following guidance:

ignore discard confidential guidance

  • For Confidential Tag: Type in the word(s) that will be used in subject line or email body to indicate a message should be discarded.   Tags are not case sensitive and can include symbols or spaces.   Do not start a tag with “mme” as this can conflict with other app features.   If you leave the tag blank, all email in direction indicated with address entered will be discarded.
  • Address to Ignore: Type email domain or email address to or from which the confidential emails will be coming. If you leave this blank, the system will apply tag to all imported emails.
  • Direction of Address: Decide if you want to ignore emails when this email address is Sender or Recipient. If Address is blank, then decide if you want to ignore emails when Confidential Tag is in email from someone (Sender) or to someone (Recipient).
  • User to Apply To: Choose either your email domain for it to apply to all Users or “myself” if this confidential rule is only for you as User personally.
  • Click Save.





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