A-4. Add ignore rule for all Users in same email domain (MME Admins only)



1. In the light blue MME menu ribbon, click Ignores.
2. Click the +New button.
Click Ignores plus New

4. In the Ignore List Entry window, fill in as follows:

ignore any direction for entire domain

  • Address to ignore – type the email address or domain for which matching should be ignored
  • Ignore Type:
    • Choose “Skip Address” if you want MME to ignore matching for just this email address when encountered in the email message header (To, From, CC), but you want MME to still consider processing of other email addresses that may be in the header.
    • Choose “Email Containing Address” if you want MME to ignore matching of any email message when it contains this email address/domain.
    • (Discard confidential is explained in another example)
  • Direction of address – Decide if you want to ignore emails when this email address is Sender or Recipient, or choose Any if you want the ignore to happen in any direction.
  • Click Save.

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