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MME Wiki

How to update your IMAP email password

How to update your IMAP email password, please follow the steps below to update and save your new Email Password. (all necessary fields are indicated in red outlines)

1 – Please Open a new tab in your browser and go to, on the Match My Email homepage please click the “login” link at top right of homepage.


2 – Please enter your Email address in the username field and Email password in the password field and click submit to log in.


3 – Once you are logged into the Match My Email cloud view please click on the “Import” tab at top left.


4 – In the import window click on the name of the import that you wish to update the password. (note do not select the check box to left of the name, just click on the actual import name itself)


5 – Once you have the import settings open please update your new password in the password field box click Save and then Start Import manually to check that it is working. Wait for import to complete and you have successfully updated your Email password.



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