Why Won’t Match My Email Package Install Within Salesforce.com?

Installed Package Limits may be the reason; you may need to upgrade Editions. Salesforce.com limits the number of third party and Salesforce.com “packages”or applications that can be used with its cloud service. The package or AppExchange limits are based on Salesforce.com Editions. Edition Price per Month # of Apps Contact Manager $5 0 Group $20 […]

New MultiMatch Set-Up Guides Available for Salesforce.com Versions

Match My Email has published two new set-up guides for the Group/Professional and the Enterprise/Unlimited Editions of Saleforce.com. The entire set-up process, detailed steps, and latest images have been updated to showcase the new version of Match My Email, version 2.3.3. The purpose of the set-up guides is to get you through the steps (1-7) […]

Dallis Bros. Coffee Discovers Automatic Email Integration with Match My Email

Dallis Bros. Coffee is a privately owned premier roaster of high quality coffees. For 100 years, the New York City based company has provided a diverse selection of coffees for wholesale and retail customers. In today’s highly technical world, the company has expanded those efforts with a successful online retail store. Problem Definition In 2012, […]