Please Add My Emails to Automatically

The following is a letter from Ricardo Lacombe, Filmmaker/Director: I am busy, super super busy. I need a CRM system that is as efficient as possible. I don’t have time to waste. When I open, I want to see all the emails – TO:, FROM:, CC:, and BCC: — inside each page layout. I […]

The Clear Benefits of Automated Email Integration for

Automated Email Syncing to Every SFDC Record Reduces Sales Rep Workload While Increasing SFDC Utilization, Sales Effectiveness and Pipeline Management users have a fundamental choice to make when picking their email integration solution: manual versus automated. Manual email syncing and logging is easier in the short term because it is fast to install and understand. Automated […]

Microsoft Outlook Integration in the Cloud with

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email client on the world market. In its various forms, Outlook is used by more than 800 million people worldwide. Gmail comes in at a distance second at 400 million active users worldwide. For, there are a number of email syncing and logging tools for Microsoft Outlook. Most […]

Email Integration for Fusemail and

Match My Email is an automated email integration cloud that connects your email cloud to Because Match My Email works at the cloud level, it is platform and device independent and works with all email systems. Using the open standard IMAP, Match My Email can seamlessly mesh your email account with The system […]

Small Is Beautiful: Cloud Technologies Favor Small Companies with the Match My Email Add-On Offers Exceptional Value to SMB’s For most things in life, the more you buy the lower the unit price. Volume discounts are the norm in commercial and private transactions. Purchasing volume translates into pricing power. But in the cloud, surprisingly, the inverse relationship often takes place; small consumers […]

Do I need to leave to work my customer email communications?

Problem: users are more productive if they never leave Jumping back and forward between your email account and is inefficient and frustrating. Unfortunately, does not provide the tools to tightly integrate your email account with your account. Instead, they provide manual, labor intensive tools that force you to work in […]