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Match My Email commits to offering the best support in the business and if you read our reviews, we are achieving that goal. If you have a support issue, our 5 star rated support team will ensure that your issue is resolved.

Setting Up The App

You must be a Salesforce System Administrator to setup Match My Email. Email messages can be uploaded to the Match My Email custom object or to the Activity Timeline as an Enhanced Email object. Our custom object allows for multiple standard and custom object matching, directional tracking and better metrics of email activity by Salesforce User. Click here for a detailed comparison. Choose the guide based on your email hosting and permissions.

To upload to Match My Email custom object:
Microsoft 365 Global Admins
Google Workspace Super Admins
All Others

User Guide for Match My Email
View Complete User Manual

Activate any Salesforce User to the Match My Email account by following these steps.
Add Users to Match My Email
Setup for Additional IMAP Users

If you set up Match My Email before June 2019, click here for help on managing Users or contact Support directly for assistance.

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