Salesforce Email Integration for GoDaddy

Integrate GoDaddy Email with Salesforce in the Cloud

Easy Setup + Automatic Salesforce Godaddy Integration

Sync Salesforce with Godaddy

GoDaddy is a leading email service provider. 10% of Match My Email’s customers use either GoDaddy Workspace or GoDaddy Office 365. Match My Email supports all GoDaddy email account types including Email Essentials, Online Essentials, Email Plus, Business Premium or Premium Security.

Match My Email connects to a GoDaddy email account via the IMAP Open Standard. The Match My Email cloud pings the user’s GoDaddy email account every twenty minutes, 72 per day, looking for new emails. If the Match My Email app (“MME”) finds a new inbound or outbound email it uploads a copy of the email to its cloud automatically. In the MME cloud the emails are analyzed. The app looks at the header of the email in TO:, FROM:, CC: and BCC: and if it finds an email address that matches an email address in a Salesforce record, the app syncs the email to Salesforce.

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The Benefits of a Cloud App like Match My Email

Match My Email is a MultiMatch app. It matches emails to multiple Contacts at once and rolls them up to Accounts and Opportunities.

  • Labor savings through automation
  • No missing emails in Salesforce
  • Perfect email data in Salesforce for activity tracking
  • Reply and Forward buttons in Salesforce records
  • Custom matching to custom objects
  • Setup and forget

How Does Salesforce GoDaddy Email Integration App Work?

We work with any laptop or smartphone email client; Outlook, MacMail, Gmail, Chrome, Edge, iPhone and Android! Match My Email specializes in email integration for It has developed the most advanced email integration app for Match My Email’s MultiMatch technology includes a custom scripting language that can be used integrate emails to custom records, objects and fields in Salesforce. Match My Email can be used to fully automate the filing and archiving of emails by client record in

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