Automated Salesforce Gmail Integration

Capture Gmail in Salesforce

Match My Email seamlessly syncs and logs inbound and outbound emails and their attachments from Gmail or G Suite to Salesforce in the cloud. The MME Salesforce email integration app can connect to any Google mailbox three different ways: (1) via the G Suite API, (2) using an application specific password or (3) through the IMAP port with username and password.

Match My Email is not a browser add-on that requires downloading a plug-in to each user’s computer, but a cloud app that is administered remotely and features one-click activation. The G Suite Super Admin interface supported by Match My Email offers the highest level of data security available and eliminates the need to ever update a changed password.

Match My Email is invisible in Gmail, and visible in Salesforce increasing usage and adoption. The app is fully automated and customizable. Salesforce Gmail Integration is managed and updated automatically in the background.

Set Up Your 30 Day Free Trial

Schedule a session to set up your 30 day free trial below. An expert will guide you through the setup process. Match My Email must be installed by a Salesforce Admin.