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Are you looking for a seamless Gmail to Salesforce integration? Look no further!

Automating the syncing and logging of emails from Gmail or Google Apps to can greatly increase end-user satisfaction, Salesforce adoption and CRM usage. Seamless Salesforce Gmail integration is made possible by leveraging the Open Standard, IMAP, and the Open Authentication protocol, OAuth. Match My Email leverages this technology to provide a cloud-based Salesforce plug-in for gmail that adds emails to Salesforce records automatically and in background. Because it is cloud technology, Match My Email is always on, 24/7/365, linking emails from your Gmail or Google Apps mailbox to Salesforce, regardless of what the user is doing. It creates the perfect link!

Sync Salesforce with Gmail

Machine-to-machine technology has the added advantage of being error-proof and 100% accurate. That means that every relevant email will be captured and matched to a Salesforce record. There are no human errors or omissions. Match My Email automatically builds an email archive in Salesforce that shows all email correspondence between external customers and the entire sales team. This ‘perfect’ Match My Email data could be used to create reports and dashboards, manage email activity and maintain continuity when there is employee turnover.

The Match My Email MultiMatch/Custom version is the only email integration plug-in for Salesforce that allows the end-user to REPLY or FORWARD an email from inside of The product automatically inserts ‘precision tags’ into every email so emails can be automatically matched to project-based records like Opportunities and Cases.

Match My Email includes a tool that creates new Salesforce records from email data. The plugin can be configured to import old emails into Salesforce at the rate of 1,000 emails per day.

The Amazing Salesforce Gmail Integration App

Salesforce Gmail Integration
Match My Email is cloud technology so it connects directly to the Gmail through its IMAP port. By working at the cloud level, Match My Email works with every computer and mobile device. Match My Email can accommodate mixed technology environments in which some users have MacIntosh computers and others Windows PC’s. At the email client level, some users can deploy Outlook, the Gmail web client, MacMail, iPhone and/or Android. OAuth technology ensures that there is constant password synchronization between Gmail, Match My Email and Salesforce so the user never needs to refresh a password.

Match My Email can store Attachments either in Salesforce or in Google Drive.


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