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Match My Email makes syncing emails from Gmail/Google Suite to Salesforce easy. Match My Email is not a Gmail add-on, but a cloud app that works independently at the Internet level. It is setup and forget. Once Match My Email is configured, the user never has to add emails to Salesforce again, the app does the work for the user – automatically, effortlessly and conveniently. Based on OAuth, Match My Email for Gmail includes full password sync.

Match My Email is invisible in Gmail. The app works completely in Salesforce increasing usage and adoption. The app is fully automated and customizable. Cloud apps are managed and updated automatically in the background.

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The Easiest Setup Process

Match My Email is installed as a managed package in the Salesforce cloud by clicking on a URL. Installing the managed package takes less than five minutes if emails are uploaded to Past Activity. Syncing emails to the MultiMatch custom object takes a bit longer. MultiMatch syncs emails automatically to multiple Contacts, not just one Contact at a time. To finish the setup, end users log into Match My Email and the activation wizard guides them the rest of the way.

Match My Email includes a tool that creates new Salesforce records from NO MATCH email. The app can be configured to import old emails into Salesforce at the rate of 1,800 emails per day.

The Most Unique Plugin Available

Taking human error out of email integration makes sense. Cloud-to-cloud technology is error-proof and 100% accurate. Automating email integration in the cloud means that every relevant email will be captured, copied and matched to a Salesforce record(s).

Match My Email automatically builds an email log in Salesforce that shows all email correspondence between external customers and the entire sales team. This ‘perfect’ email data can be used to create List Views, reports and dashboards showing user and customer activity as well as maintain continuity when there is employee turnover.

The MultiMatch version includes a REPLY and FORWARD function that enables end-users to respond to emails from inside The product can automatically insert ‘tags’ into outbound emails so entire email thread can be automatically matched to project-based records like Opportunities and Cases.

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