The manual RecordCreate tool it is intuitive and easy-to-use

Match My Email includes a tool that is used to create new Salesforce records using email data

RecordCreate works with emails from any email server or service including the market leaders G Suite and Office 365.

Some users will want to autocreate Salesforce records such as Leads, Contacts and Cases based on No Match emails, i.e., emails that don’t match to an existing Salesforce record. Match My Email does not offer autocreate based on unfiltered mailboxes like INBOX, SENT, sales@ or support@ because uncurated record creation results in too much spam and clutter in Salesforce. Uncurated autocreate causes more problems than benefits.

MME does offer one specific autocreate use case: Autocreate a Contact based on a No Match email if the ORG is using domain matching at the Account level. By linking autocreate to domain name syncing at the Account level, MME can filter NO MATCH emails for spam by associating them with known, curated domain names MME Support is available to configure this custom autocreate workflow for users.

The manual RecordCreate tool it is intuitive and easy-to-use.

By clicking on +Match option, while hovering over a No Match email in the Matches column of the MME tab,

the user can open the Match dialogue box, in which the user has two options: Create a new record or Match to an existing record.

Then the user picks the type of new record to be created by selecting a record type from the dropdown menu.

By clicking on the Show Email button at the lower left hand corner, the email can be opened side-by-side with the +Match RecordCreate form. Then using drag & drop or cut and paste, the user can move information from the email to the RecordCreate form. Clicking the Ok button completes the new record creation process.

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