To save time, it is often more efficient to reply to an email from inside Salesforce.

Create custom matching algorithms in Salesforce that sync emails by domain name, words, numbers or tags

Match My Email includes a state-of-the-art email composer that can be used to SEND, REPLY and FORWARD emails from inside Salesforce. The email composer can be used with any standard or custom Salesforce record type like Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. Written in Lightning Web Components, the email composer features the “look and feel” of a modern email client like Outlook or Gmail.

The graphical user interface is icon driven and integrates with important Salesforce modules like Templates, Files and Mail Merge. The idea behind the mail composer is to make it as intuitive and as user friendly as possible to work on emails inside Salesforce. Users can add Mail Merge fields into an email or save any email and its mail merge inserts as a Template on the fly. The email composer is fully interoperative with the Salesforce FILE object. It can see private and public Templates and Libraries in Salesforce and attachments stored on the user’s desktop or in third party data repositories like Google Drive, iCloud, Onedrive, Dropbox and/or Box.

One unique feature of the composer is its ability to insert a Template into a REPLY or FORWARD without overwriting the email thread.

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