Precision Match emails to Salesforce using words, numbers or tags !

Create custom matching algorithms in Salesforce that sync emails by domain name, words, numbers or tags

Email address matching is the most common method of syncing emails to records in Salesforce. But often, email address matching doesn’t work well enough because it generates duplicates in Salesforce. For example, if a Contact has multiple open Opportunities, with email address matching, the email will roll-up multiple times to each and every open Opportunity creating clutter.

The solution is Precision Match, i.e., matching emails to a record type based on another unique attribute. Match My Email has developed Precision Match algorithms that will sync emails by record name, record number, Salesforce record ID, two- to five- word strings, tracking number(s) and/or domain name.

  • Domain name matching is particularly useful for the Account record type in Salesforce.
  • Word or number syncing is often used for project-related records, i.e., records with a start and finish date like an Opportunity. Most users will match an email by ‘Opportunity Name’ when it appears in the email’s Subject Line. Or by Case Number for the Case record-type.
  • Tag matching is typically used in conjunction with a tracking number that will appear in the body of an email like an SKU number, invoice number, delivery code, policy number etc.

Precision Match is implemented using the MME Custom Scripting Language which is an abstraction of APEX specifically written for email syncing and logging in Salesforce. The Custom Scripting Language is provided as part of the Match My Email subscription. MME Support is also available to write custom scripts for free with a paid subscription.

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