Legacy Import is the Match My Email module that will enable you to get your old or missing emails into Salesforce

Why is Legacy Import Important?

Are you new to Salesforce? Do you want all your old emails synced and automatically uploaded to Salesforce records? Or are you a long-time Salesforce user whose old emails are missing from Salesforce? Legacy Import is the Match My Email module that will enable you to get your old or missing emails into Salesforce – either one at a time or in bulk — without exceeding Salesforce limits at the rate of 1,800 emails per user per day.

Problem Definition

New Salesforce deployments are a blank slate. They contain no data and are therefore of very limited utility. Getting data into Salesforce fast so that users will learn the CRM and start to use it effectively is mission critical. Emails are locked away in a separate cloud like Outlook or Gmail or Zimbra or GoDaddy or Rackspace or Apple Mail and need to be uploaded to Salesforce records so that users can see past customer activity.

Salesforce imposes strict limits on the amount of data that can be uploaded each day. If these limits are exceeded, Salesforce locks out the user for 24 hours. User mailboxes tend to be very large and need to be imported into Salesforce at a controlled rate to stay below these API call and data upload limits.

Technical Solution

Create a module that can be configured to bring old emails into Salesforce at a daily rate that is below the Salesforce API call and data upload limits. The Legacy Import module of Match My Email leverages open software and open standards to connect the user’s mailbox to Salesforce and selectively upload emails to Salesforce. The user creates a new folder in their email box. Then the Match My Email app is configured to see that new folder. Next the user moves copies of old emails either one at a time or in bulk to the new folder. Match My Email takes over from there and starts uploading and processing the old emails at the rate of 1,800 per user per day. These daily limits ensure that Salesforce API call and data upload thresholds are not exceeded causing a lock out condition. Once all the emails in the new folder have been synced and uploaded to Salesforce, the module automatically ends the task.

Emails that don’t match to existing Salesforce records are uploaded to the Match My Email cloud and held as NO MATCH emails for up to 45 days. This retention period gives the user the time to create new Salesforce records using the +Match Create tool in Match My Email. The +Match Create tool presents emails side-by-side with a record creation form. The user simply drags information like email address, name, phone and address from the open email to the Create New Salesforce Record form and clicks OKAY.

Match My Email also includes a feature called Reprocessing. The benefit of Reprocessing is that once a new Salesforce record has been created, the Match My Email app does a look back every twenty minutes at the emails stored in the 45-day repository as NO MATCH emails. If the app sees an old NO MATCH email in its 45 days Email Cloud repository with the same email address as the new record created with +Match Create, the app will automatically sync and upload the old email to Salesforce.
Legacy Import in combination with +Match Create and Reprocessing enable a new Salesforce deployment to quickly populate the CRM with email data and create new Salesforce records based on email data.

Match My Email support is available to walk you through the Legacy Import process. Note that Legacy Import is not available during the 30-day trial period.

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