Ignores block emails from entering Salesforce

Everyone gets and sends emails that should not be synced to Salesforce

The MME Ignores feature blocks emails from entering Salesforce that are irrelevant, confidential or malicious.

  • Spam
  • Advertisements
  • Solicitations
  • Friends and family
  • Social media requests
  • Newsletters
  • Media alerts
  • Non-customer facing

The app also includes a tool that is used to block internal emails – emails containing only email addresses of internal users – while letting all customer facing emails through to Salesforce. This tool called Domain Ignore eliminates clutter in Salesforce and saves Data Storage, while maintaining the privacy of internal communications.

Ignore feature can filter and block emails containing a specific email address, domain name and/or keyword

Such filters can be applied to a single user or an entire MME account. Ignores can employ Boolean logic to filter emails by a combination of attributes, i.e., all inbound emails containing a specific word in the email body in combination with a specific email address. Ignore filters are important to both users and non-users especially human resource professionals and executives.

The app can also control the upload of attachments – both in inline images and normal attachments — by size, user or email address.

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