Match My Email can be programmed to sync emails to custom records, fields and filters automatically

Match My Email includes a customization layer that allows the syncing of emails automatically

Every business is different. Every business has its own culture and unique way of doing things. One of the most compelling features of Salesforce is its capacity to be customized to capture specific data and workflows. Salesforce includes customization tools that enable an organization to configure the CRM to maximize efficiency, usage and return of investment.

Match My Email also includes a customization layer. The app can be programmed to sync emails to custom records, fields and filters automatically. The scripting language is surprisingly simple. Most custom syncing jobs be accomplished with less than 10 lines of code. Match My Email customers can either use the Custom Scripting Guide themselves or ask Match My Email to write the scripts for them at no extra charge.

Match My Email can enable many types of custom email integration for Salesforce

  • Autosync – Capture emails automatically in Salesforce and post them to custom records of any type.
  • Manual Sync – Extend our manual matching tool called +Match to work with custom records of any type.
  • Auto Tag Outbound Emails – Mark outbound emails sent from inside Salesforce with a “universal body tag” so that any customer reply will match back to the right record. This feature is particularly useful for workflows involving Opportunities, Matters, Properties, Projects, Policies and Cases.
  • Auto Create Contacts based on Domain Matching – Auto creating new Contacts based on “No Match” emails — emails that don’t include a known email address — can be problematic and result in spam and clutter in Salesforce. Auto Creating Contacts filtered by a valid Domain Name at the Account Level can avoid these problems and autocomplete the organization’s Contact list in Salesforce effortlessly.

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