Syncing and Logging Emails Automatically to Salesforce is the Most Effective Way of Capturing Customer Activity

Why is AutoSync Important?

Capturing customer activity in Salesforce is important. Well-organized customer activity data contains lots of valuable information that can be used by the sales team to win and close deals. Activity data serves as an organization’s institutional memory. Managers and employees can use it to inform their responses to customer opportunities or issues.

Email is still the most common mode of customer contact, so syncing and logging emails automatically to Salesforce is the most effective way of capturing customer activity in Salesforce. Match My Email is cloud technology so it works hands-free, in background, 24/7/365. The app is ‘setup and forget’, ‘once and done’. Users can be activated remotely by an admin with no end-user involvement.

Problem Definition

Most email syncing tools require an end-user to click a button, ‘Add to Salesforce’, to upload an email to a Salesforce record. Manual email logging tools are a lot of work, are only used sporadically and fall out of use quickly. Manual tools must be downloaded for each user, one plug-in at a time. Plug-in often cause email clients like Outlook and Gmail to slowdown or freeze. Time studies have should that the average Salesforce user wastes up to 5 hours per month manually syncing emails. If a user forgets to sync an email, then the customer activity data in Salesforce is incorrect and its business value has been lost.

Technical Solution

Create an app that will sync emails to Salesforce automatically in the cloud and that removes the user from the syncing process by using artificial intelligence. Match My Email does this by hosting its app in a cloud server at Amazon Web Services. The app is centrally managed by a Salesforce Admin who can remotely activate and deactivate users and configure the app’s matching algorithm and other important settings. The app connects to both the Salesforce cloud and the user’s mailbox on the Internet whether it is Gmail, Outlook, Apple or IMAP. Match My Email goes into a user’s mailbox every twenty minutes and looks for new emails to copy and match. If the app finds an email containing an email address — TO:, FROM:, CC: or BCC: — or keyword that matches to an record in Salesforce – Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Case, Project, Campaign or Custom – then the app uploads a copy of the email permanently to the relevant Salesforce record using AutoSync.

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