Match My Email is a cloud app, not a plug-in, so it works with every Device!

Cloud technology has lots of advantages over software plug-ins

Security, availability, maintenance and uptime, to name a few! But the biggest advantage is ubiquity.

Integration as a service apps like Match My Email connect cloud servers to cloud servers. By connecting Salesforce to a user’s mailbox at the Internet level, Match My Email doesn’t know or care which device a user is using to send or receive an email. Match My Email captures a copy of the email at the cloud server level after it has been received or sent from a device

  • PC
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Tablet

That means that MME works seamlessly in a ‘bring your own device’ IT environment.

Cloud apps like Match My Email are better than plug-ins

  • Coverage: IaaS apps work with any computer or mobile device. Plug-ins only work with Outlook and Gmail; most don’t work with MAC.
  • Stability: Cloud apps won’t slow down your device or email client because they don’t download executable code to your computer or smartphone
  • Ease and speed of setup: Cloud apps are setup remotely from a central control panel by a Salesforce admin so users don’t have to download software to their device
  • No upgrades at the device level: IaaS cloud apps are upgraded by an admin remotely in the background so the user never needs to update their software
  • Security: Cloud apps don’t download data to a device drive permanently like a plug-in. All data is secure in the cloud locked down under encryption. If you lose your laptop or phone, your data is safe.

If your email syncing plug-in is driving your crazy, switch to Match My Email. For large customers, Match My Email offers large volume discounts that greatly reduce the cost per user.

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