Match My Email’s Reviews on the AppExchange Show that Support is a Key Differentiator and Our Support Team is Very Highly Rated

Why is Amazing Support Important?

Email capture for Salesforce is simple in concept but it requires multiple layers of cloud technology to work seamlessly. Match My Email’s Support Team has mastered the intricacies of Salesforce email integration. They are extremely knowledge and friendly and available by:

  • GoToMeeting
  • Phone
  • Email

Support is open from 8AM Eastern to 5PM Eastern. Sessions outside of business hours can be scheduled if you are located outside the Americas.

A survey of Match My Email’s reviews on the AppExchange show that Support is a key differentiator and our support team is very highly rated.

If you are looking for the email syncing and logging app for Salesforce that offers the best support in the business, take a serious look at Match My Email. The Match My Email support team will work with you to make sure that your email is seamlessly integrated in Salesforce, regardless of your email system or Salesforce workflow.

What Are Our Customers Are Saying

“But even better is their support. They are EXTREMELY responsive and helpful if you encounter any issues with setup or use. They always respond within the same day (usually within an hour or two) and their team really takes the lead in coming up with a solution to what you need.”

“Match My Email offers great customer support. I never have to wait very long for a response if I have an issue to resolve.”

“Gail has been extremely responsive and provides amazing insight and excellent support.”

The Match My Email Solution

Support also provides custom scripting and analytics support for no extra charge with a paid subscription. They will write a custom script for you so that you can match emails to a custom record or to multiple email addresses in a standard record like a Contact or Lead. If you want to sync emails based on words or numbers or tags, they will write a custom matching algorithm. If you can describe the analytics that your need to track email activity so you can better manage your pipeline, they will send you the Reports Package and show you have to configure a report, dashboard or List View in Salesforce.

Match My Email support is available to walk you through the Legacy Import process. Note that Legacy Import is not available during the 30-day trial period.

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