Monitor the sales process and flag problem areas with email activity tracking

Match My Email includes reports, dashboards and List Views for tracking emails


Email activity tracking is an effective way of monitoring the sales process and flagging problem areas, especially since email is the most frequent mode of customer engagement.  Reports, Dashboards and List Views be used to show users and sales managers when a customer or email has been overlooked or ignored and requires follow-up action.

UNANSWERED EMAILS is an example of a useful email tracking dashboard. This dashboard shows inbound emails that have been received by a SFDC user but have not yet been replied to.

The UNANSWERED EMAILS dashboard uses data and metadata generated by Match My Email that is stored in Salesforce. When Match My Email processes an email, the app parses the email and then extracts data and metadata about the email. The app captures the message ID, time and date of transmission, direction, recipients and sender including TO:, FROM, CC: and BCC:, subject line content, fully indexed body content and attachment(s) size and format. These data and metadata can also be used to construct Reports, Dashboards and List Views.

Match My Email provides a Reports Package that makes report creation easier. The Reports Package adds data and metadata fields into Salesforce and includes pre-packaged reports, dashboards and List Views, like Email Activity by User.

The app can store information such as First Email, Last Email, Email ID, Total Emails Sent, Total Emails Received and fully searchable email body content. The Reports Package includes typical dashboards and/or List Views such as Email Activity by User, All Activity by User, Unanswered Emails, Cold Leads, Hot Leads, Active Contacts, Inactive Contacts, Active Accounts and Orphaned Accounts. MME can track respond time intervals as well.

Users can obtain the Reports Package by contacting Support. Support is also available to help users create email related dashboards, reports and List Views in Salesforce.

Match My Email also provides a special feature called VIEW ALL. This feature enables a user to have real-time access to all the inbound and outbound emails of their Salesforce ORG in the MME Tab inside Salesforce. VIEW ALL is only available by contacting Support and authorizing its activation in the backend; neither admins nor end-users can activate VIEW ALL through the Control Panel.

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