Office 365 Integration for Salesforce

Connect Office 365 and Salesforce

Match My Email can connect to Office 365 three different ways: (1) via API using O365 Global Admin credentials, (2) using an application specific password or (3) through the IMAP port using a regular username and password. The API approach is recommended because it offers the highest level of data security, password persistence and one-click remote user activation.

Match My Email is an Integration-as-a-Service app listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. The app captures emails sent or received by Office 365 from any device or source and uploads them to the correct Salesforce record with 100% accuracy.

Emails are automatically analyzed, organized and filed by Salesforce record type – Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Case or Custom Object. Manual end-user email syncing and logging is eliminated saving the average user 5 hours of data entry per week. ; the IaaS app works in the cloud – machine to machine – 24/7/365. Match My Email makes email lookup and retrieval easy and efficient because all emails are organized in chronological order in shared Salesforce record(s).

Set Up Your 30 Day Free Trial

Schedule a session to set up your 30 day free trial below. An expert will guide you through the setup process. Match My Email must be installed by a Salesforce Admin.