Easy Office 365 Integration with Salesforce

Sync Emails from Office 365 to Salesforce Automatically

Easy Setup + Automatic Salesforce Email Integration + Fully Customizable

The New Approach to Salesforce Office 365 Integration

Match My Email is an Integration-as-a-Service [IaaS] app listed on the Salesforce AppExchange. The app integrates the email data generated by Office 365 and uploads it to Salesforce. Emails are automatically analyzed, organized and filed by Salesforce record type – Lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity etc. End-user involvement in the email syncing process is eliminated; the IaaS app works in the cloud – machine to machine – 24/7/365. Since the value of a Salesforce deployment is proportional to the amount of relevant data in it, Match My Email increases Salesforce adoption, usage and return on investment.

The app works completely in Salesforce increasing usage and adoption. The app is fully automated and customizable. Cloud apps are managed and updated automatically in the background.

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The Easiest Setup Process

Match My Email 0365 is designed for ease-of-setup and ease-of-administration. Admins can connect the clouds – Office 365 and Salesforce – with a few clicks.  End-user identities from both Salesforce and Office 365 are automatically uploaded to the Match My Email control panel.  Admins can activate users by clicking a single toggle switch.  End-users are not involved in the account setup or administration processes. Admins in companies, large and small, can activate or de-activate end-users in the background. End-users don’t have to download any software or enter passwords or tokens for the app to sync their inbound and outbound emails to Salesforce records. The admin simply chooses the Salesforce users that he or she wants to enable and clicks Activate.  Setting up an end-user with a Outlook add-on like Lightning for Outlook or Chrome browser extension like Cirrus Insight takes about 15 minutes per user.  Match My Email O365 takes only 10 seconds per user.  Admins save an enormous amount of time and hassle activating users with MME O365.

The only requirements for Match My Email for Office 365 are that the person who sets up the Match My Email account be both an Office 365 global admin and a Salesforce admin.

The Most Advanced Security

Match My Email O365 is based on OAuth for security and password sync. OAuth does not store authentication passwords nor security tokens on the third party IaaS site (read: Match My Email) and therefore cannot be hacked. Instead, the IaaS site stores unbreakable ‘security strings’. OAuth also removes the need for password sync because the security strings don’t’ change with a password reset.

Great for Internet Service Providers

Internet service providers (ISP) who resell Office 365 can include Match My Email as a branded or private label value-add feature. Activation of the Match My Email can be managed by the leading provisioning software platforms like cpanel and Plesk.

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