Match My Email Supports Salesforce Community Licenses

Match My Email fully supports all Salesforce Editions and Salesforce Community licenses

Community licenses come in 3 versions:

  1. Customer Community
  2. Customer Community Plus
  3. Partner Community

Salesforce provides a detailed breakdown of the features available to each license on its Community User Licenses page.

Match My Email can be configured so that Community users can still capture their emails in Salesforce automatically. Businesses with community users or those looking to downgrade licenses can still provide seamless email integration throughout the whole company. Each client email communication is automatically related to leads, contacts, accounts, cases, and opportunities and visible therein for the entire organization whether sent by your licensed Salesforce users or community users.

Every client interaction missing from its associated record is a potential hole in your business. See how many much more new business you can close with transparency brought to your CRM.

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