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MME Wiki

F-1. Create an IMAP Import

In this Guide we will create an IMAP import in to Match My Email Through Salesforce

In Salesforce please click on the Match My Email tab in the blue ribbon at the top of your Salesforce screen

Setup IMAP 01

Match My Email will alert you that no IMAP account information is configured

Setup IMAP 02

Please select the Match My Email Import tab from the blue ribbon

Setup IMAP 03

Please select the +New button to create a new IMAP import

Setup IMAP 02a

In this screen we can enter all the settings to create the IMAP import, The import name at top is optional and can be anything you like e.g. “My Email Import”. Import from is where you will select “Other IMAP server”, IMAP server host is where you will enter your Email Providers IMAP server name and port connection settings (the default port is 993 but can also be changed please check with your Email provider or IT department if you are unsure). The next two fields are where you enter the email address and email password for the user, this is usually the full email address e.g. “” but some email providers may use user name only e.g. “user” please check with your email provider or IT department if you are unsure about this. Once you have entered all the correct information you can click the refresh folders button, If everything is working properly you will see a list of available email folders listed on the left hand side “Available Folders” box

Setup IMAP 04

Here we can see the list of available folders listed in the “Available Folders” list box

Setup IMAP 05

Please select your Inbox folder and Sent message’s folders on the right and add them to the “Selected Folders” box on the left using the orange arrow buttons. Also remember to click the save button to save your configuration

Setup IMAP 08

Please select “Start import manually” to begin importing your Email

Setup IMAP 07

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