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E-3. Bulk Removal of Emails and/or Attachments in Salesforce



When email messages are matched into Salesforce, Match My Email also uploads attachments with those emails.  (One can modify the size of attachments uploaded within Match My Email Account – Settings > Salesforce Integration.)

Once matched, emails and attachments are stored in Salesforce as part of the organization data.  Email messages are stored in Data Storage, while attachments are stored in File Storage.  Some Users have requested the ability to perform bulk removal of emails and/or attachments that are old and no longer needed.  This feature was added to the app and is available with Match My Email installed package 4.19.  (Please contact support staff if you would like to upgrade your package.)

1. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Build/App Setup > Installed Packages

2. To the left of Match My Email listing, click Configure

setup appsetup installed configure

3. On Configure screen, expand Data Management and click Delete Old Emails.

configure data mgmt delete option

4. On Delete Old Emails screen, default timeframe is anything older than 60 months (5 years).  This can be modified using up/down arrows or changing number of months.  For example, if you want to keep items only from the last 2 years, you would enter 24 months.

Delete Old Emails screen with red guidance text

5. When all settings are as desired, click Run to initiate batch deletion.  One can click Save to save these settings as “new” default for future batch deletion.  The default batch size is 200 items, which is recommended.  If there are more than 200 items to be removed, Match My Email will run a series of batches up to this amount until all of the items meeting selected criteria are met.

6. After Run, the emails and/or attachments will be moved to the recycle bin.  Per Salesforce settings, items will stay in Recycle Bin for 15 days and are then purged. During this period, you can go to recycle bin and select an item to Undelete, thus restoring it, or proceed with removal without waiting 15 days.

recycle bin details


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