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E-2. Deleting Emails in MME Cloud Tab

Deleting Emails in Match My Email Cloud

Emails in the Match My Email Cloud can be managed from within Salesforce, You can access this by clicking on the Match My Email web tab Email Messages

Delete MME Cloud 01

Here we can see the Email Cloud tab we are now looking into the Match My Email Cloud server through a “Window” in Salesforce. In this view you can see Email Messages that have Matched with a Salesforce record and been uploaded to Salesforce, You can also see Email Messages that have not Matched, Email Messages that have not Matched are stored in the Cloud server for 45 days before being purged , Email Message Errors and also Email Messages that may be marked Ignore by existing ignore rules that you or your organisation may have in place will also show here.

Delete MME Cloud 02

From this tab we can also change between two views of Match My Email, “Match My Email” tab will display both Matched Messages which are uploaded in Salesforce along with Unmatched Messages which are only on the Match My Email Cloud server in the same window.

Delete MME Cloud 07

By switching to the “Email Messages” tab we see only Emails in Salesforce that have matched and been uploaded to your Salesforce Organisation. Here we also have familiar tools Selection, Date Range Search Refresh and Delete

Delete MME Cloud 08

Hover over the Subject line to preview the Email Message content or click on it and it will open in a pop up window.

Delete MME Cloud 06

You can use search and view terms to filter Email Messages for bulk deletion, Enter your search query choose how to view or sort the result then click the refresh button to redisplay the list, Use the check boxes to select the Email Messages you want to delete.

Delete MME Cloud 03

Here we have chosen a Custom Grouping and performed a Custom date range search click Browse to view the result. other Group options are 24 hours, Daily, 7 Days, 14 Days, or All Period.

Delete MME Cloud 03a

Here we can see the Delete options, There is also the option to delete uploaded data, Uploaded Data refers to any Email Message that has Matched and been uploaded to Salesforce.

Delete MME Cloud 04

Selected three Email Messages will be deleted immediately! please beware there is no Recycle Bin or Undelete in this window as there is in Salesforce itself as mentioned in the previous guide E-1. Deleting Email from MME in Salesforce

Delete MME Cloud 05






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