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E-1. Deleting Email from MME in Salesforce

Deleting Email from Match My Email in Salesforce

While in Salesforce a user can delete emails from the Match My Email component from where ever emails appear in either Leads, Accounts, Contacts & Opportunities these are emails that Match My Email has “Matched” and imported into your Salesforce Organisations Database. In this example we are looking at email messages in the Account Detail section of Salesforce. You can select a single email or multiple emails by ticking the checkbox next to the From column. When selection is completed these can be deleted with the Delete button at the top of the Email Messages object window. You will be prompted to confirm if you wish to delete the selected Email message.

Delete Email 02

You can also filter email by date for bulk deletion or to narrow down a range of emails. Choose a date range from and to then click the Refresh radio button to display the results. Then again you can check one or multiple emails to delete using the selection tick box. You will prompted to confirm if you wish to delete the selected Email message.

Delete Email 03

You can preview the email message contents by hovering your cursor over the Subject line in the Email Messages window.

Delete Email 04

Or you open the email, click on the subject line to open the complete email for full details. You can also delete from here.

Delete Email 05

Deleting an Email message in Salesforce will remove the Email Message and any attachment associated with it from your Salesforce Organisation and place it in the Recycle Bin in Salesforce for 15 days before it is permanently deleted from your Salesforce Organisation.

Delete Email 06

To retrieve a deleted Email Message in your Salesforce Home screen click on the Recycle Bin on the left hand sidebar.

Delete Email 07

Here you can find the deleted items, Select which item or items to restore then click the Undelete button.

Delete Email 08


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