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MME Wiki

D-1. Manually Reprocessing Emails


Manually reprocessing emails can only be done from the Match My Email cloud.  You can use the selection checkbox to select one or more Emails to Reprocess and click the Reprocess Command Button as indicated in screenshot below.  You do not want to reprocess more than 500 emails per 24-hour period.

Once you click apply you will see a progress indicator and when completed a “Done” message at the top of the window.

Reprocess Email 01



Reprocess Email 02

There are also other tools that allow you to search for a Account, Contact, User etc or a date range search to find an Email or group of Emails, Here we have used a Custom Group and chosen a Date range, Click browse to view the results.

Reprocess Email 02a

After you have manually Reprocessed an Email or group of Emails remember to click the Refresh button to redisplay the list and confirm Reprocessing was successful. Hovering over a Matched Email on the Type column also reveals additional information in the Match Details Popup you can also Reprocess through this Popup as well but that would be one Email message at a time.

Reprocess Email 03

Notes On Reprocessing Emails in Match My Email

While a User has the option to manually reprocess as many emails as desired in the MME Cloud, it should be limited to less than 400 per day It is important to understand that reprocessing uses API calls in addition to those used for normal processing. Due to a Salesforce limit of 5,000 API calls in a 24 hour period for most editions, reprocessing of extensive numbers of emails could reach this limit. Thus it may be advisable if significant reprocessing is desired, to check API call usage in Salesforce and/or do smaller groups of emails such as 50 to 100 at a time, and no more than 400 messages per 24 hour period.

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