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C. Manually matching or unmatching emails to existing records


Aside from automatic matching based on email addresses, it may be desired to manually match an email to an existing Salesforce record. (Click here for information on creating new records from MME Cloud.) One example might be if information in a email might be important reference information for another completely separate Lead or Contact.  Another example is if an internal email, which likely gets a status of Ignore in the Match My Email cloud, contains an internal discussion but needs to be connected to a particular record.   It is also possible to remove, or manually unmatch, an email from a record.

All Match My Email users can manually match and unmatch from the Email Cloud.    For MultiMatch Users with Match My Email’s custom object, users can also manually match and unmatch records from within Salesforce.



When logged into the Match My Email cloud, you can view emails that have been imported into the cloud.  Any email message, whether matched, No Match or Ignore status, may be manually matched.  Unmatching obviously is only necessary when an email already is matched.

If seeing only No Match or Ignore status messages would be more efficient, you can filter the cloud based on tips here presented for the No Match example.


C-1. Manually match No Match email message to Lead records

C-2. Manually match Ignore status email message to Contact and Account records

C-3. Manually unmatch an email message

C-7. Bulk Manual Match from Email Cloud




C-4. Manually match an email from Contact record to another Salesforce record

C-5.  Manually match an email from Email Messages web tab

C-6.  Manually unmatch an email from a Lead record



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