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C-2. Manually match Ignore status email message to Contact and Account record



In some cases, an email that gets an Ignore status may contain information that is desired as part of a Contact’s email records.  As an example, colleagues may discuss pricing for a particular project and want that as a reference connected to the Contact’s record.  Due to Match My Email’s best practice of creating an ignore rule for a company’s email domain, internal communication is in the Match My Email cloud as Ignore status.

  • These emails are not seen on the default view “All Excluding Ignore” but can be accessed by first  filtering the view to All or Ignore and clicking Refresh.

manual match to C and A from ignore filter ignore

  • Once you locate the email to be matched, hover over the Ignore status at right.
  • In the Match Details pop-up window, click +Match.
  • In the larger pop-up window, choose the Select and match to an Existing Salesforce record.

manual match to C and A from ignore hover +match select

  • Begin typing a few letters of the record name.  Match  My Email will search the entire database of records available to the Match My Email User with that letter combination.  The icons to the left of the listings indicate what type of Salesforce record it is.

SF Record icons in a row

  • Click on the correct choice.  After selection, you will have the ability to type in another few letters for another choice.  In this manner, as in example below, you can choose an Account and then a Contact for that Account.
  • Then click OK.

manual match to C and A from ignore enter letters select OK

  • All pop-up windows will disappear and you will return to the filtered view in which new match information will be visible in far right column.

manual match to C and A from ignore showing new match

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