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MME Wiki

C-1. Manually match No Match email message to records



If an email arrives into the cloud and Match My Email does not find an email address in the header that matches an email address in Salesforce, it will note the status of the message as No Match.  In some cases, the email could be a discussion between an employee and a consultant outside the company, but the email is about a particular Lead or Contact.  An employee may want to manually match a particular email to a record so it is a part of that email log for future reference.

  • Click on the Match My Email webtab or login to Match My Email.
  • In the view of email messages, find the message and hover the mouse over the No Match.
  • In doing so, a pop up called Match Details will show.  Within that pop up, click the +Match button.
  • This will open a larger pop up window with options.  To manually match to an existing Salesforce record, make sure the ‘Select and match to an existing record’ bar is expanded and the Records field is awaiting data entry.


hover no match + match pop up

  • Begin typing a few letters of the record name.  You will see, as in the example below, that Match  My Email will search the entire database of records available to the Match My Email User with that letter combination.  The icons to the left of the listings indicate what type of Salesforce record it is.

SF Record icons in a row

entering letters for first manual match

  • Choose the desired record by clicking on it.
  • There will then be the option to manually match to another record by entering more letters in the 2nd field if desired.

entering letters for a second manual match

  • Once you are content with selections, click OK button.
  • Upon return to the Email Cloud view, you will see the manual match information showing.
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