Redesign of Salesforce AppExchange Causes Search Visibility Issues

Having Trouble Finding Match My Email on the AppExchange?

Prospective customers [Leads] and current users [Contacts] are complaining that they can’t find Match My Email on the AppExchange anymore. Let us reassure you that Match My Email is alive and well; 2017 growth was in excess of 25% again for the ninth year in a row. The app is still listed and highly rated (4.9 out of 5.0 stars) on the AppExchange.

The AppExchange Has Been Demoted in Visibility

The problem is that the AppExchange was totally redesigned in Q4 2017. Previously, the AppExchange had equal status with other Salesforce products. It was accorded the same visibility on the Salesforce website as the Sales, Service or Marketing Clouds.

With the redesign, however, the AppExchange has been demoted, it is now a second-class citizen in the Salesforce ecosystem. It is no longer visible on the Salesforce homepage or in the Product drop-down. Users have to hover over the Sales, Service or Platform icons to see a link to the AppExchange. And that link is last on the sub-sub-list under the Sales Cloud icon and in the middle of the sub-sub lists for Service and Platform. If a user clicks on the Sales Cloud icon, the AppExchange link disappears. Only by doing a double hover over, which requires superior coordination, can the user finally get to the AppExchange Homepage link.

Much Easier to Find the Salesforce INBOX page than ANY Third-Party Email Integration App

This demotion of the AppExchange to the nether reaches of the Salesforce website must have been done on purpose. Salesforce must have decided that the glories days of the AppExchange are over and that now it is time to sell 100% Salesforce-owned products and add-ons; no more sharing of the platform with third-party developers.

For a vendor of automated Salesforce email integration like Match My Email, the demotion of the AppExchange has had a dramatic impact. Our leads have dropped 90% because no one can find our listing. This demotion is unfair to Salesforce users because Match My Email is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 versus the Salesforce INBOX that is rated only 3.4 out of 5.0.

Why Match My Email is Ranked Higher Than Salesforce Apps

Match My Email is rated higher that Salesforce INBOX, because it incorporates more ease-of-use features and costs less. Match My Email guarantees that 100% of all relevant emails are synced automatically; that’s right, all inbound and outbound emails. It works in the cloud so it never misses or overlooks an email. It is always on, working in the background in real time. Match My Email will not slow down Gmail or Outlook, because it is not a plug-in like Salesforce INBOX that loads extra code into Gmail or Outlook. Match My Email works with PC’s and Mac’s and smartphones because it is platform and device independent. Plus Match My Email supports REPLY and FORWARD from inside Salesforce records, generates meta-data for analytics and is fully customizable.

In the event, a user has the stamina and brilliance to an actually find the AppExchange on the Salesforce website, then the user faces the challenge of finding the Email and Calendar Sync page. In the good old days, Email and Calendar Sync were a sub-category of the Sales Cloud on the AppExchange and easy to find with three clicks. Now the user has to

  2. click Listings by Type >>
  3. click APP>>
  4. click the dropdown arrow next to ALL APPS >>
  5. click Categories >>
  6. click Sales for the left slideout menu >>
  7. then click Email and Calendar Sync in the second left slideout menu.

Whereas it used to take three clicks to find Match My Email on the AppExchange, now it takes 10 clicks through a maze of dropdowns, double hover overs and left slide-out menus.

Today, the quickest way to contact Match My Email is to visit our website. There you can schedule a Live Demo of the app or start a 30-day free trial.