Match My Email Saves You Time – Make Salesforce Email Integration Easy

Match My Email costs $17.95 per user per month. The app is a bargain considering the time it saves and the convenience it provides. But $17.95 is still $17.95, so admins or users need to be able justify its cost to finance and management.

Save Time

The most obvious benefit of Match My Email is the time it saves eliminating manual email syncing to Salesforce. Logging emails to Salesforce manually is labor intensive. If it takes just five seconds to log an email using Salesforce for Outlook, automating the process saves the average user 1 hour and ten minutes per month [120 emails per day x 1/3 business related x 5 seconds to manually match x 21 work days per month]. What is 1 hour and 10 minutes per month worth? More than $17.95 per month. Definitely.

Save More Time

To work a Lead or Opportunity properly, a sales professional needs to know what is going on with the customer. Since email is often the most frequent method of customer communication, the sales rep needs total transparency to the email stream between the customer and the entire sales team. With manual email syncing such as Salesforce for Outlook, the sales rep can never be sure that the entire email correspondence is captured in Salesforce. Someone may have forgotten to sync an email, for example. But with Match My Email because it is fully automated, a sales rep can rely on the email record in Salesforce. Automated, cloud-based Salesforce email integration produces a 100% complete, reliable and up-to-date email record in Salesforce.

So what is the value of 100% email transparency in Salesforce? How much time does it save a sales rep? We estimate 7 hours per month — [4 email lookups avoided per day (approximately 10% of total business emails) x 5 minutes per lookup x 21 work days per month]. Seven hours per month is definitely worth more than $17.95.

Save Even More Time

Emails come in from time to time that do not match to an existing Salesforce records. Match My Email provides a tool that makes creating a new Salesforce record quick and convenient. This drag & drop feature is estimated to save the average user 28 minutes per month versus traditional cut and paste [three new SFDC records per week x two minutes per new record x four weeks].

Save Even More Time

Match My Email MultiMatch includes REPLY & FORWARD from inside a Salesforce record. This feature saves the user the time required to navigate to Outlook, Gmail or MacMail, find the last inbound email from the customer and then reply. Our time studies have shown that replying from inside a Salesforce record saves 15 second per email versus going to the email client, searching for the email and then clicking REPLY in Outlook. But these fifteen second blocks mount up and by the end of the month will have saved the user 21 minutes.

Save Even More Time

Natively in Salesforce, the user has to click and open an email to read its content. Match My Email includes a ‘hover over the subject line’ feature that shows the email body inside a dialogue box instantaneously. Users in time studies believe that ‘hover over’ saves about 3 second per email. Hovering over two dozen emails per day can save a user 25 minutes per month versus click to open.

All this saved time results in labor savings which in turn result in cost savings and higher productivity. Fewer people are needed to do the same amount of work or the same number of people can do with same job with more care and less stress.

Match My Email is a cross platform app. It works with just about every email system on the market. To date, Match My Email has integrated 60+ email providers or on-premise email solutions with Salesforce. If you have a non-standard email solution or use Apple technology – whether it is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacMail, Gmail on Mac or Outlook for Mac, Match My Email will solve your email syncing needs.

Use the scheduling tool on the home page to schedule a live demo or free trial of Match My Email. It will be the best investment your organization ever makes.

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