Each User Can Import Email From Five Inboxes into Salesforce.com

If you have multiple email Inboxes, Match My Email will import and log that email into Salesforce.com automatically. No other email integration service can sync email from five Inboxes with Salesforce.com simultaneously for the price of $9.95 per month per Salesforce.com subscriber. If you have a complex organization and multiple brands with their own email domains, Match My Email can handle up to ten email domains at once. Again the price is only $9.95 per month per Salesforce.com subscriber. Match My Email has customers with as few as one user. This is possible because the service is so easy to set up and its cloud infrastructure so efficient there are economies of scale at one user.

Match My Email is fully automatic. Once it is set up, you will never have to log in again.

Except to update credentials every three months to conform with Salesforce.com security policy. If Salesforce.com offered an automatic way to update credentials every three months — which they do not — then that would be automatic too.

Match My Email works with Yahoo!, Gmail, AOL, gmx.de, Exchange, Apple Mail, Google Apps, Zarafa, Zimbra, Open-Xchange, and Lotus, plus hundreds of other IMAP email systems. All at once. Mix and match. Live it up!

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