#1 Salesforce Email Integration App for 1&1 Mail, GMX.de, Web.de and mail.com

If you need your 1&1 Mail added to Salesforce records, so you can track customer correspondence and are having trouble finding a tool, check out Match My Email. Match My Email is rated 4.9 out of 5.0 on the AppExchange and syncs emails automatically from 1&1 Mail, GMX.de, Web.de and mail.com to Salesforce in the cloud, 24/7/365.

Salesforce Email Integration for 1&1 Mail

United Internet is a leading email service provider with 15 million users in 12 countries, with a concentration in Germany, Austria and the US. United Internet offers paid and free email and webmail services under the brands 1&1 mail, GMX.de, web.de feemail, mail.com. 1&1 recently launched a new and improved version of its email app which includes world class new features such as: (1) an enhanced graphic user interface across devices – desktop, laptop, tablet, and smart phone; (2) new usability features like Contact Halo which shows all recent emails, tasks and calendar events associated with a Contact at a glance; and (3) new security standards like Pretty Good Security (“PGS”) and end-to-end encryption to keep prying eyes away from private communications. The combination of 1&1 Webmail, 1&1’s Outlook connector, its state-of-the-art groupware stack including Contacts, Tasks and Calendar and its online storage capabilities make 1&1 Mail an excellent choice for a business of any size. 1&1 Webmail works on PC, Mac and Linux machines.

1&1 Mail has always offered state-of-the-art integration to connect 1&1 Mail to other business systems like CRM.

Salesforce.com is the fastest growing CRM vendor in the world. With millions of users, Salesforce offers state-of-the-art CRM functionality in the cloud.

However, Salesforce does not offer email integration tools that can connect to 1&1 Mail, GMX.de, web.de or mail.com.

Match My Email Works With 1&1 Mail, GMX.de, web.de or mail.com

Users who want Salesforce integration for 1&1 Mail, users who want to sync and log emails from 1&1 Mail to Salesforce should use Match My Email. Match My Email is the #1 app on the AppExchange used to integrate Salesforce with 1&1 Mail, GMX.de, web.de and mail.com. Based on the IMAP standard, Match My Email is the only app designed specifically to work with 1&1 Mail. Match My Email balances automation and privacy in a well-tuned app that saves Salesforce users time.

Salesforce Email Integration for 1&1 Mail

Salesforce Email Integration for GMX.de

Salesforce Email Integration for web.de

Salesforce Email Integration for Mail.com

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