Reconfiguring Tabs or Navigation Items in Salesforce Lightning – Personalized Settings

The default setting for tabs or NAVIGATION ITEMS in Lightning includes a number of tabs or NAVIGATION ITEMS that our users don’t use. We have custom tabs in Classic or from installed packages that users would like to see and use in Lightning.

A user can personalize their tab setting by following the two-step process outlined below.

Yes, it is a two-step process which is what makes it a bit confusing

Step One — adding and deleting tab or Navigation Item options — can only be done by user with Salesforce Admin privledges !!!

  1. Go to the Home Page and click the SETUP GEAR ICON >>
  2. Under PLATFORM TOOLS >> APPS will appear
  3. Click on APPS and APP MANAGER will appear
  4. Click APP MANAGER >>
  5. Within the APP MANGER screen find SALES – Lightning Sales in the List
  6. On the far right side of the Lightning Sales row is a down button. Click on it and reveal the EDIT option >>
  7. Click EDIT >>
  9. From the AVAILABLE ITEMS list [tabs are called Navigation Items in Lightning] select the tabs that you want to be visible on the top of each page in the uppermost panel – the uppermost panel on each page is called the Navigation Bar
  10. From the SELECTED ITEMS deselect the tabs that you don’t want to see
  11. The AVAILABLE ITEMS list will also include any custom tabs created by installed packages like Match My Email. If you want to make the Match My Email tab visible in the NAVIGATION BAR move it from AVAILABLE to SELECTED
  12. You can also reorder the SELECTED ITEMS by highlighting one and then moving it up or down (left or right on the NAVIGATION BAR) in the SELECTED ITEMS List but this doesn’t do anything unless you are creating a default tab setting for your entire organization. It does not personalize the NAVIGATION BAR so it is not useful for end users>>
  13. Click SAVE

Now for step two

  1. Now go to the HOME PAGE
  2. On the far right of the uppermost panel or the NAVIGTION BAR there is an edit Icon that looks like a pen>>
  3. Click on the edit icon >>
  4. This will open the Edit Sales App Navigation Items screen
  5. You can remove tabs using this screen and reorder them in the NAVIGATION BAR but you can’t add tabs [if you need to add a tab revisit step one above]
  6. If you want to remove a tab or NAVIGATION ITEM click the X in the item box
  7. If you want to reorder the tabs, hover over the item name and drag up or down
  8. There is no save button
  9. So once you have the tab or items list as you want it and in the order you want just leave the screen and you are done
  10. Refresh the HOME PAGE to make sure the tabs or NAVIGATION ITEMS that you want are visible and in the order you prefer.

You are done!

If you are a Match My Email customer and you need help with this, we provide Match My Email related support for free (we view NAVIGATION ITEMS as Match My Email related because they make Match My Email more convenient to access in Lightning and will increase Lightning usage, acceptance and adoption.) Go to for a free support session, if you are a Match My Email subscriber.

Happy Trails!