Creating and Naming a Custom Tab within a Lightning Page Layout in Salesforce

Problem Definition

On a Salesforce record, it is possible to customize the arrangement of information on the page to suit the workflow needs of your sales team. In previous articles, we discussed re-arranging the information with a Lightning Page Layout. In this article, we go a step further and show you how to easily create and name a custom tab within a Lightning Page Layout. The term ‘custom tab’ is a bit confusing because within a Lightning Page Layout a ‘custom tab’ is really a Subtab within a section of the Page. Custom subtabs can be used to organize information more intuitively and stored an easy click away.


The following steps, and video linked below, provide the steps to create, label and populate a custom tab in a Contact Page Layout. The steps work for any standard or custom record type.

  1. In Salesforce, navigate to a Contact record and at top right click the Settings cog icon and choose Edit Page.
  2. Click the white space in the area where you want the new tab to be placed.
  3. At right, details about that section are displayed. Click the Add Tab button.
  4. By default, the tab will be named Details. Simply click on Details to bring up a choice list.
  5. Click the drop-down arrow and choose the top option “Custom”
  6. In the field provided, type in the name you want to give the Tab.
  7. On the left, drag over the component(s)/data you would like to be visible on that tab.
  8. Click SAVE.
  9. Click BACK.

You will return to a view of the Contact record with the changes implemented. This is a great opportunity to review the changes and confirm they are what you want. The same steps can be performed for a Lead or other object type in Salesforce.

You are done!

Our customers find Match My Email essential in integrating email into Salesforce records. Sales team members and managers can communicate with Leads and Contacts with confidence knowing that the last communication with a customer has been automatically added to the Salesforce record – including in a Custom Tab or Subtab, if desired. Match My Email provides a feature-rich custom object where matched emails are displayed and organized. However, given all the information that can crowd the ACTIVITY VIEW for a Contact, and to avoid having to scroll down below the fold to see the email correspondence related to the record, a custom tab is a perfect option for quick access.

Match My Email customers can contact Support free of charge for help with this Salesforce configuration at or schedule a GoToMeeting session at

The video below walks you through the steps