Changing Salesforce Lightning App Navigation Bars

Navigation in Lightning Experience can be done using a variety of tools. The most basic is the standard Lightning app options provided with a new organization. At the top left of your home screen is a grid of nine dots called the App Launcher. When clicked, a screen will open to offer options for changing your interface to a standard app, a console, or other options. This article looks at the standard apps.

The Sales or Service apps provide a way for administrators to customize the menu of options presented to a specific User. The screenshot below shows that when this User is logged in, they are using the Service app and the menu items to the right for this app are evident.

Salesforce Applauncher Showing Service

If a User wanted to change to the Sales app, they can click the App Launcher and click on Sales. This will change the app being used and may change the menu items in the navigation bar to those customized for a Sales team member, as opposed to a Service team member. If a User logs out, when they log back in to, the last app used is the one with which they will begin.

Salesforce Applauncher Choose Sales

A User can also modify the Nav Bar to include the important apps and records to which they would like to have quick access. There are two ways to add items to the Nav Bar – 1) using the All Items option to add a single item or 2) using the Pen Icon to add multiple items.

1) As an example, if we were using the Sales app and wanted to add a single app, such as Match My Email, to the Nav Bar, we can click the App Launcher and look below the list of apps to the All Items section. In this section, click on Match My Email.

App launcher All Items MME

You will then see that Match My Email is a temporary option in your Nav Bar. If you click the drop down arrow and click the option “Add Match My Email to Nav Bar”, it will be there until you decide to remove it.

Adding MME to nav bar via All Items

2) If you want to add more than one item to the Nav Bar at the same time, you may want to use the pen icon at the far right. Click the pen icon and in the pop up window click the button to Add More Items.

Pen Icon Add More Items

On the left, click All to reveal a long list of options you can add. There may be so many options available that you will want to use the Search box. Below we have typed ‘match’ and that quickly allows us to find Match My Email as the option we wanted. Click the ‘+’ sign to left to select it.

Pen Icon Search Match click to add

If you want to and another item, you can search again or click X to show you the original list. When the right option is found, click the ‘+’ for that item. In the below screenshot you can see there are two items listed under the Search box, and you can click Add 2 New Items to add these to your Nav Bar. In the final window, you will need to click Save to save the changes.

Pen Icon Add Two Items

If you are a Match My Email customer and you need help with this, we provide Match My Email related support for free (we view NAVIGATION ITEMS as Match My Email related because they make Match My Email more convenient to access in Lightning and will increase Lightning usage, acceptance and adoption).  Go to for a free support session, if you are a Match My Email subscriber.

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