Adding Action Buttons for Salesforce Lightning Page Layouts

Problem Definition

The default page layouts in Salesforce Lightning don’t include ACTION BUTTONS for SEND EMAIL, NEW TASK or NEW EVENT.


Add EMAIL, NEW TASK and NEW EVENT to the top of the Activities section so that working in Lightning is more intuitive and productive.

A user can personalize their tab setting by following the two-step process outlined below. Yes, it is a two-step process which is what makes it a bit confusing.

  1. Go to the Home Page and click the SETUP GEAR ICON >>
  3. Click OBJECT MANAGER >>
  4. Select and click on CONTACT >>
  5. Click PAGE LAYOUTS >>
  6. Click and Open the Page Layout that you want to edit
  7. In the upper left-hand corner of the Page Layout screen there is a box with a list of options – Fields, Buttons, Quick Actions and then MOBILE AND LIGHTNING ACTIONS>> click on Mobile and Lightning Actions
  8. In Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section below click on “override the predefined actions” and the section will show the default buttons
  9. Hover over a button in the Mobile and Lightning Actions section above and drag and drop it into the Salesforce Mobile and Lightning Experience Actions section. For example, Email or New Task or New Event
  10. Then click SAVE in the upper corner of the Page Layout screen.

You are done!

If you are a Match My Email customer and you need help adding an ACTION BUTTON to Lightning, we provide ‘Match My Email’ related support for free (we view ACTION BUTTONS as Match My Email related because they make Lightning more productive and will increase Lightning usage, acceptance and adoption. Go to for a free support session, if you are a Match My Email subscriber.

Happy Trails!