‘Person Account’ Email Integration

B2C users of Saleforce.com need a way to integrate email with Person Accounts; Match My Email has build a module for Person Accounts and only requires one click to set-up

Tarrytown, New York, March 17, 2011. Match My Email has released a new module of its cloud service that enables the integration of email and Person Accounts within Salesforce.com.  In response to customer demand, Match My Email built this new module over the past two weeks using its proprietary Email Stream Management technology.  By selecting Contact Only in the MME set up tab, as one of the matching algorithms within Match My Email, with just one click, the MME cloud application starts associating email with Person Accounts.

It is that simple and fast.

Match My Email was designed with the goal of letting the sales rep work entirely within Salesforce.com and not have to worry about logging email into his or her Salesforce account.  Match My Email puts customer communications and Person Accounts in one place.  There is no more jumping back and forth between the email Inbox and Salesforce.  The entire email stream and all its strings are logged in Salesforce.com.   MME imports email every twenty minutes to the Amazon Web Service cloud and process the email for matches with Salesforce.com objects such as Leads, Contacts, Person Accounts and Opportunities.  This is done with ‘No Software’.  All the message processing is done in the cloud, automatically and in background.  As the sales rep works in Salesforce.com all of his or her email threads with clients and prospects appear automatically inside the right file.

Logging email automatically into Person Accounts is other example of power and flexibility of Match My Email.    Just one click and ‘No Software’.

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