Lotus Notes Integration with Salesforce.com

Integrating an IBM Lotus Domino server with Salesforce.com has never been easier. Using open standards such as IMAP, Match My Email imports emails from an IBM Lotus Notes solution and matches them to the right Salesforce.com objects / files / records fully automatically. Putting email into the right Salesforce.com record is not easy. If it is done manually, it is very time consuming and tedious. If it is done semi-automatically using a ‘resolution’ page, it is also time consuming and tedious. But to do it fully automatically given the complexity of the ‘object’ structure in Salesforce.com it is not easy. Match My Email has worked for almost three years perfecting a 50+ step algorithm that mimics end-user social behavior in an effort to get the email paired up with and inserted into the right Salesforce.com Lead, Contact, Opportunity, Person Account, and/or Case.

Match My Email is a cloud utility that actually integrates two clouds applications: an IMAP service or server like Lotus Notes and Salesforce.com. Match My Email is on the bleeding edge of cloud technology connecting the two most important cloud applications — email and CRM. Because Match My Email is in the cloud, it does not require the installation of any client or server software. All the user needs is a web browser to set up credentials — usernames and passwords. Once the IMAP and Salesforce.com credentials are set up, MME does all the work of sorting, matching, importing, uploading, logging and integrating email from Lotus into Salesforce.com automatically and in background.

Since we see the user activity logs, we know that our clients very rarely log into Match My Email. They just work in Salesforce.com knowing that all their important email communications are in the CRM application.

Match My Email only costs $17.95 per month per Salesforce.com user.

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