Email to Salesforce: Calculating the Value of Automated Integration

Quantify the Savings Attributable to Automating the Syncing and Logging of Email to Salesforce

Automated email to Salesforce integration saves users time and creates better data. Match My Email estimates more than 3 hours per month. The ISVForce app vendor has released the attached calculator designed to quantify these savings. The calculator demonstrates that automated Salesforce Outlook Integration, Salesforce Gmail Integration or Salesforce MacMail Integration is a very good investment with a fast payback.

Email to Salesforce

Avoid the manual task of clicking the ‘Add to Salesforce’ button each and every time a user wants to log an email to Salesforce

By eliminating the need to manually log emails to Salesforce, the Match My Email app saves the average user about 1.7 hours per month. This estimate is based on 125 emails per workday, 33% of all emails matching to Salesforce records and the avoidance of the 7 seconds it takes to look through the “Salesforce context” in Outlook or Gmail and click the ADD button. Match My Email has five years of user metadata that shows that about 33% of all business emails match to records in Salesforce.

Avoid jumping back and forward between Salesforce and Outlook/Gmail/MacMail and doing key word searches to look up of client email threads

100% accurate and complete email threads in Salesforce can be created by automated email integration apps like Match My Email. By capturing and filing every email – inbound and outbound – into the right records in Salesforce, an automated email integration app eliminates the need for a sales professional to check or double check Outlook, Gmail or MacMail (or any IMAP compatible email system) before taking action. With automated email integration, the sales rep can be 100% sure that he or she is looking at ‘perfect’ email information – especially in shared records that also contain the emails of other members of the sales team. Because automated apps are always on, the email data in Salesforce are up-to-date. Match My Email estimates that the average sales professional can save 3.5 hours per month looking up emails threads in Salesforce instead of Outlook/Gmail/MacMail using automated email integration.

Create new Salesforce records from “No Match” emails

Match My Email includes a tool that enables users to place a NO MATCH side-by-side on their computer screen with blank NEW record data entry forms for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities and Cases. The user can then drag & drop information from the email to the NEW record form. This convenient tool saves users time creating new records and adding secondary email addresses to existing Contacts. Match My Email estimated that this record creation tool saves the average user 1.1 hours per month.

These three major cost saving features of automated email integration are estimated to save users 6.2 hours of time per month. These cost savings compare to the monthly price of Match My Email of $17.95 per user. The value is obvious and the payback quick.

Other Benefits

Other benefits of automated email integration are harder to quantify but just as real. “Perfect” email data in Salesforce can be used to create activity records and dashboards or to measure compliance with key performance metrics. Match My Email can be configured so sales managers have access to the email stream of the entire sales team in near real time; this makes monitors of sales activity much more efficient.

Match My Email includes customization tools that are used to sync emails automatically to custom records. Emails can be matched based on email address, keyword, tag or roll up. Tag matching is particularly useful if the organization is project based and wants to consolidate emails to Project records or the organization uses Campaigns and wants to consolidate replies in one easy to find place.