Effortless Administration of Email Integration Between Microsoft 365 and Salesforce

Cloud apps like Match My Email are the opposite of plug-ins. MME integrates Microsoft 365 and Salesforce at the network level – cloud to cloud. Users don’t need to install anything on their laptop or smart phone. MME is setup and administrated by the ‘global admin’ from a single control screen. Activating users involves less than three clicks; de-activating users is just as easy. In a 100-seat Salesforce ORG, centralized setup and user activation saves on average 25 hours of work.

Cloud-based email integration offers a full feature set. Emails are matched and uploaded automatically to Salesforce records based on attributes. Emails can be matched by:
1. Email Address
2. Domain Name
3. Word(s)/Number(s) in Subject Line
4. Structured Body Tags

The Era of the Email Syncing Plug-in is Over

Email syncing plug-ins like Salesforce for Outlook, Lightning for Outlook, and Salesforce INBOX are out. They are too much work to install and require too much maintenance. Plus they lack functionality. Cloud-based Salesforce email integration apps are in. They are easy to install and administer and provide 24/7/365 email integration. They offer full feature email syncing and logging.

Plug-ins require too much set-up and administration. Admins have to install the plug-in on each user’s laptop which takes at least fifteen minutes per user. In any organization with turnover, adding and deleting users is time-consuming. Plug-ins are also notoriously buggy. Because they are Outlook add-ons, they cause Outlook to open slowly and cause it to crash from time to time. Plug-ins can be corrupted by Windows updates and present endless compatibility issues and few work work on Mac at all.

State-of-the-Art Salesforce Email Integration is Cloud Based

Most plug-ins only sync by full email address. This limits the utility of the syncing tool to Identity Based Records. Syncing by Words and Tags can precision match emails to Project Related records like Opportunities, Cases and Campaigns.

Match My Email a ‘multi-matcher’. It matches emails to relevant Contacts regardless of whether the email address is in TO:, FROM:, CC: or BCC:.

Based on IMAP, Match My Email works virtually every email system and computing device – including in mixed IT environments across email domains. MME has a special Microsoft 365 edition that includes the most advanced administration features on the market.

Finally, cloud-based email integration apps include the capability to REPLY and FORWARD emails from inside a Salesforce record. This increases the efficiency of any Salesforce deployment and accelerates user adoption.
Match My Email provides Live Demos by GoToMeeting. Live Demos are the fastest and most efficient way to see the power of cloud-based email integration for Microsoft 365 and Salesforce.