What happens if an email arrives before a record has been set up in Salesforce.com?  With a manual tool, it won’t be matched or logged until the end-user remembers to go back, find the email, create a new record and then push the ‘sync’ button.  Sounds like a great workflow until you have to do it 10 times a day, 2,500 per year — day in and day out.

Click for Free TrialMatch My Email has created a solution for ‘earlybird’ email, we call it Reprocessing.  All ‘No Match’ emails are held in the cloud for 45 days.  Every twenty minutes Match My Email reprocesses them and checks to see if any new records have been created in Salesforce.com.  If they have, the email is uploaded automatically to that new Salesforce.com record.  The system allows for the creation of useful NO MATCH reports.  NO MATCH reports are a easy way to double check that all incoming emails have been added to Salesforce.com.  Match My Email offers simple tools that create new records from email data, spot and help remove duplicative records or help the sales rep log the email in only the right Opportunity.












Reprocessing is a unique feature of Match My Email.  It is one of the eight technologies that make Match My Email fully automatic and capable of producing a 100% complete email log in Salesforce.com.

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