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H-3. Sending an Email using Organisation Wide Address in Salesforce

In this guide we will look at sending Email in Salesforce using an Organisation Wide Address In Salesforce click on Setup next to your user name In the Administer section click on Email Administration to expand it, Here you will see Organisation Wide Addresses, click on that To setup the Organisation Wide Email Address click […]

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H-2. Reply, Reply All, and Forward Email from within Salesforce

In this guide we will look at Reply, Reply All and Forward Email from within Salesforce To Reply, Reply All or Forward an Email from within Salesforce you must first select the Email message then you can select Reply, or Reply All or Forward from the Email Messages toolbar at the top of the Email […]

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H-1. Sending Email from within Salesforce

In this guide we will send an Email from within Salesforce In Salesforce the Match My Email email messages object will appear in your Leads, Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities (You may or may not see our object in all of these as it is dependent on your configuration at time of setup) The following example is under […]

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Match My Email Integration App for Salesforce.com Has Record Year

Match My Email posts record revenue and subscriber growth in 2013, and now has customers in 14 countries and 36 states. Match My Email offers the most advanced, fully automated email syncing and logging app for Salesforce.com. Offered on the Salesforce.com AppExchange, Match My Email is a member of ISVForce. Ardsley on Hudson, New York. […]

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Control Freaks Love Match My Email

As a sales manager, I need to know what is going on with leads and customers in real time. To do my job, I need to see the emails flowing between my sales team and the customer base as they happen. I have been called a control freak. I just see it as doing my […]

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Match My Email Releases New Attachment Blocking Feature

Recently, one of our customers asked us to implement attachment blocking. This particular customer sends large standard attachments – pdf brochures and pdf investment fund performance statements – to prospects and clients. This Match My Email user did not want these attachments to be uploaded to Salesforce to save File Storage. We asked the customer […]

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The Lazy Sales Rep Syndrome: Automated Email Integration for CRM is the Solution

I used to work at IBM. Every year the CEO would visit our facility and give us an inspirational speech about the state of the company. But what made us laugh, year after year, was the inevitable section on CRM utilization. Every year the CEO would scold us for letting our staffs be “lazy sales […]

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