The Missing Piece of                      Good Email Syncing and Logging

On the surface, Match My Email looks very simple. All it involves is an easy-to-read Email Messages section that shows all incoming and outbound emails.  Email Messages is embedded in the page layout of all standard objects — Leads, Contacts, Opportunities, Accounts, Person Accounts, and Cases.  Custom objects can be used with a little programning.  But beneath that simplicity is sophisticated technology.

Click for Free TrialIt takes eight technologies working together to make a fully automatic email syncing and logging service and produce a 100% complete email log in

The most important technology is MultiMatch. Most tools can only match an email to a single record in — we call these tools, Single Matchers. Single Matchers can’t build an email log that is 100% complete because they bind the email to only one record in — usually a TO: or FROM: email address so all the CC: email addresses don’t get matched.  Unfortunately, if the email log is not 100% complete, then the sales reps cannot trust the information that they are looking at.  With a Single Matcher, the sales rep has to jump back and forward between his or her mailbox and SFDC to work on a Lead or Opportunity.  With MultiMatch the email is uploaded to SFDC once and then linked using Related Object Links to all the relevant records in SFDC.  As one of our customer’s said recently, “With Match My Email, if the email ain’t in Salesforce, the email don’t exist”.




The other key technologies are platform independence using the IMAP open standard, reprocessing (frequently looking for new matches in emails as old as 45 days), privacy controls blocking personal and confidential emails, de-duplication, authentication to Google, IMAP and, reports & dashboards and manual commands used to creating new SFDC objects from email data, delete emails from SFDC and force Match emails to unrelated SFDC records.

Match My Email combines these technologies in a cloud service that works with Microsoft Outlook, Apple MacMail, Google Apps, Gmail, GoDaddy, Rackspace, Yahoo!, 1&1, Network Solutions, Office 365 Live, Network Solutions, Fasthosts, Sherweb, and IBM Lotus, to name a few. The best way to get a sense of the power of the solution is to schedule a short 20-minute GOTOMEETING demo.

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